Monday, August 29, 2011


Sam and I have been researching my surgery quite a bit lately. We went as far as watching one being done on YouTube. It didn't scare fact, it fascinates me and makes me less anxious because I at least know what they are going to do! My doctor puts out a publication that I am supposed to read about what to do before, and what to expect after surgery. I think the after surgery stuff is more frightening! I cannot cross the imaginary line in the middle of our body, bend more than 90 degrees or extend my leg out to the side for 6-8 weeks after surgery. No driving, no stairs...I am going to really have to allow myself to depend on people for help. Now this shouldn't be hard for anyone to do, and it is something I have challenged myself to get better at!!! Because if I don't let someone help me, I am stopping them from serving and maybe using their God given talent. I suppose I can't always be the one to take care of people.

Anyway! My doctor said that my surgery should be within the month! It's all in Tricare's hands now. If they take their time, of course that will change timing...I will have the first available surgery appointment after the auth is approved! I will update soon!

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