Tuesday, August 2, 2011


"If God expected us to get everything done today...He wouldn't have made tomorrow!" I really Love this! And you know what I LOVE even more?? When you open the card, it says, "Relax and enjoy His goodness today!"

I can't tell you how many days, especially in this last week, that I just wanted to just count all of the bad things that have piled up on my plate! LOL! If you are on my facebook, you might have seen I had a status along those lines. I tend to forget, and a lot of us do, that the good things in life SURELY outweigh the trials and the trials often end up making us stronger and teaching us the fruits of the spirit. We become more like Christ.

Something else that I have learned from this little card, is that I don't have to get everything done today...Obviously there are things that I am going to want to get done. But I need to make my priorities. Don't fill my days. I can't I get too tired :)

O God...Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.

Psalm 84:9, 10 NIV

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