Friday, December 23, 2011

Reality...For Just A Moment

"You are so stong!"  "You are an amazing example to other people."  "I don't know how you hold it together with all that you go through."  These are the comments that I hear on a daily basis.  I am not ungrateful, and I have learned to accept and appreciate the compliments and learn that I have been strengthened and I have been able to be an example to others in the same situation as myself. 

What people see on the outside and what is on the inside, are not always the same.  There are moments that I want to sceam and cry because I am in agonizing pain.  And YES, it is that bad.  BUT, I don't.  I put on the strong front because I don't want to be defined by my pain, my disease or my disabilities.  My boys stress about me being broken all the time and Iit breaks my heart. 

I want to be defined by my faith, by my joy and by being who I really am! 

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