Monday, December 12, 2011

Molly Bear Party

On Saturday night, I went to a Molly Bear party. 

Some of you are well aware of what Molly Bears is...Others of you, may not be. 

The short, very sad story; My friends baby girl, Molly Christine, was still-born at 34 weeks, due to a tight true knot in her umbilical cord.  My friend was given a weighted bear, weighing close to what Molly did, and she found it comforting to sleep with it.  So she started making them for a couple of the other "angel mommies" she had received support from.  From there, Molly Bears came alive!  It is now an official non-profit and has reached EVERY state in the US and several countries!  I am so excited to see Molly live on in this way!!!!

Here is the link for more info...

SOOOO..A Molly Bears party is where people come together and sew the inserts, stuff the bears, and get them ready for personalization and shipment.  I learned that I can in fact sew...LOL!  It was a very bittersweet time!  I love Bridget and her whole family so much and feel blessed to have the opportunity to be involved in Molly Bears.  But as I sewed the weight inserts, and felt the weight on my lap, I knew that was somebody's BABY!  <3 Some were so tiny they could only hold fluff, others were more than 10 pounds. 

I held myself together there, silently praying for each family as I sewed. I am so glad I went and I had a great time with great conversation!  I look forward to doing it again soon!

REFLECTION:  Something that Bridget and I talked about while we were there, was that we have to look at the kids that we have as our miracles.  We are VERY luck to have healthy, happy kids.  I <3 my boys!

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  1. yes Shelly, it is a very emotional time making bears for many reasons. I am so glad we both have gotten to experience it and I bet we will get together to help them. Thank you for this blog. The darn tears start to early LOL but happy tears the families can remember their babies in a small special way! Love ya Shelly :)