Friday, January 27, 2012

Healing...We Need It!

I watched the video above this morning and it was really what I needed to hear.  Obviously you all know about my health issues, and the depression...But now we are dealing with bullying issues with my son Cheyton.  We do not have the school backing us up at this point, and it has been happening daily since October.  It is taking a toll on him and on all of us!  Please keep Cheyton, us, the administration and even the bullies in your prayers. 

~That Cheyton will feel safe and be happy for the weekend because he can sleep in, and not that it will be a couple days of not getting bullied...That's what he told Sam in a conversation last night :(
~For Ethan and David too, as they hear tidbits here and there, and I am sure they see him down.  Maybe pray that they can help encourage him   <3
~That We will know the next step to take, and not move based on emotions...
~That the administration will realize the mistakes that have been made, and take the initiative to make things right so that other kids will not have to go through this...Or at least will not have to endure it for as long as Cheyton has!
~And pray that the bullies have a change happen in their hearts.  I know that often there is something happening within them, their home or something, that makes them act the way they do.  I AM NOT BY ANY MEANS EXCUSING THEM...Simply knowing that I have to pray for them.

I am sorry that I cannot give more detail at this time, but I feel as though it's for the best.  But please be praying.   Thanks everyone!  I will update soon!


  1. I continue to pray for you all.

  2. Praying as always!! I hope Cheyton has a great weekend!! I hope that God rejuvenates his spirit and brings him some peace. I am so sorry he is having to endure such torment :( Please give him my love and a big hug!