Saturday, January 21, 2012

Decisions Decisions...

I saw Dr. Smith, my surgeon on Friday.  She was impressed with my improvement, especially with my gait.  She told me to keep up with the exercises, stretches and walking, so we can strengthen up the outer muscle of the hip as much as possible before the next surgery.

We discussed next surgery (left hip replacement), in particular, the timeline.  First she said October, but she said that due to my level of pain, that she'd give me a choice of April or October.  She asked me to please discuss it with Sam, and see what is best for all of us, and to let her know.  Sam and I discussed it and we decided that I will be going in, in April. 

It seems like so soon, but she said she is OK with either. I am looking forward to recovering in the somewhat warmer months.   Winter is harsh on my bones as it is, recovering from surgery and my aches and pains added to that, was not fun.  Another plus, will be that the boys will get to go through the surgery with the same teachers that have already experienced my other one with, and I think that will be very helpful for them.  To me earlier is better than later...I am ready to get the surgery done and over with and be on the road to recovery. 

If you can all be in prayer with me, as the process now begins with the insurance company and prepping emotionally for the surgery, that would be great.  I am not nearly as anxious this time around, since I know what to expect.  However, the boys do still get antsy and as time gets closer it only gets worse.  I try to comfort them, and I hope they will remember how well it went last time...But I don't know what goes on in their little heads and hearts.  So indeed my friends, prayers and encouragement for Sam, the boys and I, and of course the doctors too! 

Thanks  ~:o)~

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  1. For most of us - our prayers are with you always. I so pray and hope for you to heal, to feel better. You are such a good wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Get better Shelly - Love you! Deb