Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Plans Laying Out...

So I went to the doctor today and we talked about a lot of things.  Some people may think that talking about medical stuff on a blog, is too much, but, I think it's important.  We switched a couple meds, lowered doses on another and are talking about going back on Zoloft for a bit. 

The highlighted masses near the
jaw, are the extra parotid glands.
 ENT- (for the extra parotid glands)
For those of you who don't know, I have an extra set of parotid glands.  I see an ENT for "treatment," or as it usually stands.  Today I got a letter saying that the ENT specialist I was seeing in Seattle is retiring and to doctors are taking his place.  If Tricare will cover these docs, I may see if they will take a look at my scansand see how they are growing.  I would like to see if they can do or have ever done anything for something like this.   I feel like maybe it is an opportunity for a second opinion, and will be starting the phone calls soon.

My hip-after replacement

Orthopaedics- (for the hips and spine)
Had surgery #1, and am healing well.  Hip surgery 2 will be in February/March time frame.  After physical therapy is done for that, the doctor is going to address the comprssed discs in my lumbar spine.  They are starting to go all the way up to my neck and all the way down to my tailbone, so we need to get it under control. 

Rheumatology-(for fibromyalgia)
This is my Christian doctor.  I am going to talk to him about new options for treatment of fibromyalgia.  Not necessarily medication, but something.  ANYTHING!  He also counsels me a lot and prays with me, so our appointments are very imprtant, meaningful and effective to some extent!  

Mental Health-(for depression and chronic pain therapy)
I see both a social worker and a psychiatrist for therapy.  My social worker is for talk therapy and I am currently doing a pain management workbook with her.  She is really nice and has a way of getting things out of me!  Haha!  I guess that's the point!  My psychiatrist is for talking as well, but he deals more with prescribing and regulating medications and referring me out to other specialists if need be.  He,also, is great and has been an asset to my team of doctors. 

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