Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our New Journey...Has Just begun!

I am now homeschooling Cheyton, my oldest son.  I am enjoying it so far, and look forward to continuing on for the next few least!! For the first 90 days, we have to homeschool on our own at home.  It is somewhat like a probation period, to make sure that he can handle mom being the teacher and vise versa.  In our case, since the 90 days will put us so close to the end of the school year, we will be working at home the rest of the school year.

In September, he gets to go to a school, for homeschoolers, twice a week and be a home three days a week.  I love the idea.  He still gets socialization and friends, he has administration to hold him accountable, teachers that are credentialed...I feel capable and willing to teach him, however I am blessed that they have this program available.  We are involved in choosing his classes, working with him at home and the school has less than 300 students total. 

He will still have an opportunity to play sports in both middle school and high school.  They have them offered at the school for middle, and he can play for the public high school.  He's VERY excited about this!  :)  I  know that there are challenges in everything, and we are sure to have our adjustments here and there.  If Cheyton stays on track, after 10th grade, he may have an opportunity to start at the community college and when he graduates high school, he ill also graduate with an associates degree. 

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